Wednesday, 21 August 2013

# 5 Lucky You

Right;  it's time to get some order up in here. Seeing as this is my fifth Blog and well let's face it;  I'm beginning to have a greater knack of loving language and putting words like this into a structural sentence for your eyes to feast.  So as I were saying time to get some numerical order here, Lucky Blog Number #5 to start the running order  seeing as my birthday is the 5th of the 10th month (yes ironic!) - This blog is dedicated to that memory - besides the point - and you for influences and shaping the person behind the keyboard - let's make it to number eighteen for the big eighteenth - no promises!  - Here's to your fifth Blog of simplicity!  So Cheers to that and you for being here with me on this joyous occasion of Twenty-Thirteen.

- Hunter

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