Friday, 15 February 2013

New Life, New City

Moving from a rural area to the fifth biggest city in New Zealand has been an immense positive change.  The Bay Of Plenty is such a relaxed fast paced modern city and I have experienced the warmest of welcomes from the weather and locals.

    Summer fest was a superb example of Bay of Plenty’s finest and many local talents came to entertain the crowds throughout the day, not to mention I AM GIANT, J WILLIAMS and TITANIUM who finished the evening off beautifully.  A great array of activities and shopping were available, one of my personal favorites was a great new fashion label ‘One Offs’ and as the name implies all clothing is individual and unique, no-one else has anything that is the same.  A kooky and stylish collect of tie-die garments and some funky ‘towel shorts’ were limited.          Make sure you refurbish your beach wardrobe here-

The leisurely aspect within Tauranga and Mount Maunganui is constant.  I've found myself enjoying the many walking and riding tracks for my periodic work outs, who wouldn't enjoying a run around the bay as the sun sets in the horizon, pure bliss.  A day in the supple sand and gleaming sun cannot be turned down, then to finish the day of a cool refreshing dip in the sea’s torment.  A sense of balance between work, play and study is defiantly observed here and I find myself slotting into this perfectly.

A month has shot past like a flash, study, assignments, social gatherings, life experiences, concerts and memories have passed and continue to come, an array of excitement and adrenaline is still left to explore within my new beginnings. 

Till next time >>

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  1. Moving from Tauranga to Auckland was a similar rush for me :P Tauranga is a ghost town by comparison!